This blog is for educators, academicians, students and those who are interasted to integrate technology in class room.

As large number of free resources are available on Internet, one can easly create e-Content or rather say standard e-Content using these resourses. Before designing e-Content on any subject or course, it is also necessary to follow the International structure of course. International standard structure for creating e-Content or course is as follow

  • Give Title of your course or topic for which you want to create e-Conetent
  • Give Introduction/Outline of your course or e-Content
  • Define level of your course or e-Coneten e.g. wether your course is of Elementary, Intermediate or Advance Level
  • Specify the duration of hour or Credit for the cours or e-Content
  • Give ‘Learning Objectives’ of your course
  • Define ‘Learning Outcomes’ of the course or e-Content
  • Start your e-Content or Course ‘ Unit wise specified with title of unit
  • In course unit whereever it is required give link of Key  word to wiki for further explaination
  • Use free resourse of documents which are available in pdf, ppt, audio and video format.

Such documents are available at,, and

You  may go for for audio or podacst.

Youtube is the best resource for Video on any course or e-Content.

  •  As animation/simulation or Java Applet make your e-Content or course highly interactive same you may use in your course specially for clear understanding of science subjects.

Some of very good site for animation/simulation and java applets in science

  • Give glosary of your course
  • At the end of the  course you may give MCQs, SAQs and exercise.

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