This blog is for educators, academicians, students and those who are interasted to integrate technology in class room.

Physics Education Resources

Collections of Physics Education Materials

Physics Education Materials

Physics Education Materials using Technology

Computer Software for Physics Educators




Virtual Labs

Miscellaneous Physics Sites

Resources for the classroom

  • Practical Physics
    Experiments sharpen students’ powers of observation, stimulate questions, and help develop new understanding and vocabulary
  • Physics and Ethics Education Project (PEEP)
    An interactive website and virtual learning environment for secondary school science teachers and their students
  • SimPhysics
    Four brand new interactive games are now available to use in your teaching of energy and space to 13-16 year olds
  • Teaching radioactivity
    The Institute has produced a number of resources to support the teaching of radioactivity
  • Teaching Advanced Physics (TAP)
    The Teaching Advanced Physics (TAP) website contains detailed ideas and resources for teaching physics to students aged 16-19
  • Teaching Astronomy and Space
    This resource supports the teaching of astronomy and space to 11-16 year olds
  • The MODEL Project
    Practical physics at work
  • Medical physics teaching resource
    The Institute’s Medical Physics Group has produced a set of teaching materials which can be used to teach medical physics at GCSE/Standard level in schools

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