This blog is for educators, academicians, students and those who are interasted to integrate technology in class room.

With the increased usage of smart phones and the hardware goes into the mobile, now dual core processor mobile are in the market, demand for sophisticated apps(applications) is growing now than before. So is the necessity of courses on application development for both the leading mobile platforms iOS and Android.

While Stanford university has started an exclusive course on iPhone app development since 2010, Harvard extension school recently started an online course “Building mobile application”.


Building Mobile Applications: A course by Harvard extension School during spring 2011. It is must course if you want to be a pro developer. Has 12 lecture videos, two focus on HTML, 5 on Android platform, 5 on iOS for iPhone and one video on other tools. Every lectures has HD mp4 video, audio, lecture notes and examples.

iPhone Application development : Winter 2010 course by Stanford university, covers only about iPhone app development. All videos are hosted on YouTube.

Developing Mobile application by Web Technologies: Another course by Stanford, this about developing application on WebOS.

Developing Apps for iOS(HD): Tools and APIs required to build applications for the iPhone platform using the iPhone SDK. User interface designs for mobile devices and unique user interactions using multitouch technologies. Object-oriented design using model-view-controller pattern, memory management, Objective-C programming language. iPhone APIs and tools including Xcode, Interface Builder and Instruments on Mac OS X. Other topics include: core animation, bonjour networking, mobile device power management and performance considerations.

iPhone Application Programming: Tought by Prof. Jan Borchers of RWTH Aachen University.

Advanced iPhone Development: By Madison Area Technical College, prof Bras Larson. This course aims to answer the question: “What next?” Fundamentals of Cocoa development are explained, but the class quickly moves on to coverage of the many interesting frameworks within iPhone OS. Topics such as Core Animation, Core Data, OpenGL ES, multithreading, and iPad-specific development are presented from the perspective of an experienced Cocoa developer.

iPhone app development Tutorials: There are around 40 video tutorials developed by user thenewboston on YouTube.

Android developer resources: Google has put an excellent collection of videos for android developers.

Tools & Softwares to develop apps with little knowledge:

Some Softwares or tools, mentioned below doesn’t require any knowledge or app development training.

Few more:

  1. Android app course by Prof. David Janzen of Cal Poly.

I am sure this would give a great start to write mobile applications for both the platforms. There are many app developer forums for getting help if you are struck.

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