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OLDaily: Future Work Skills 2020

OLDaily: Future Work Skills 2020

The 10 Skills are: 
1. Sense Making 
2. Social Intelligence 
3. Novel and Adaptive Thinking 
4. Cross-Cultural Competency 
5. Computational Thinking 
6. New-Media Literacy 
7. Transdisciplinarity 
8. Design Mindset 
9. Cognitive Loadset 
10. Virtual Collaboration

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OER/OCW into Class Room

OER Glue : Join The Globe

The global educational community and IT experts have jointly created endless free educational resources under the common platform, so called “Open”. There are educational material available even more than that. One can access recorded or live lectures from one part of globe to other.

Using  free resources like Open Course Ware or Open Education Resources and many more ,one can design good online course along with face-to-face teaching. People also say OER/OCW is now into class room. is one such site where, one can gather and manage all type of resources by simply click and drag without any knowledge of programming.

OER Glue is a uniquely open approach to online learning that lets content be used where it already resides rather than requiring it to be copied into a new system. OER Glue can be used to efficiently assemble courses and teach online by “glueing together” open education resources (OERs) and integrating with popular online services including Google Documents, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and discussion and assessment tools. OER Glue’s web browser add-on approach allows it to wrap context and navigation tools around online content and to integrate content and services from multiple sources in a coherent manner. In order to ensure that resources remain available, OER Glue integrates with services such as internet archive.
Key aspects of OER Glue are:
Student engagement – OER Glue increases student engagement and satisfaction by supporting online instruction that utilizes timely, authentic content and popular Web 2.0 tools.
Instructional effectiveness – OER Glue supports effective instruction by helping teachers find and develop learning activities and assessments that are aligned with their instructional goals.
Teacher efficiency – OER Glue helps teachers efficiently assemble, deliver, and update online courses.
OER – OER Glue helps authors easily find and adapt relevant high quality free online resources for their courses.
Glue – People are frustrated with the poor user experience of existing systems that require you to copy your content into them, but enthusiastic about the new Web 2.0 tools that continue to emerge. OER Glue lets you use content where it already is and to easily integrate third party tools in a coherent manner to teach online.

OER Glue Walkthrough

OER Glue Quick Start

Click on following image to go to OER Glue tutorial.


Here is a short course on “To …

Course Requirements:

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Install OER Glue

Fundamental of Photonics:Quantum Electronics

Students of M.Sc. Semester-II Electronics Science are suggested to take this course.

Fundamentals of Photonics: Quantum Electronics


This course explores the fundamentals of optical …

Course Requirements:

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Install OER Glue

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