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Best Higher Education Blogs

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News and Trends

These higher education blogs cover all the news, politics, social issues and economics impacting schools and students.

  1. Education Nation: Check out this very grounded and informative blog if you’re interested in reading about graduate school, college tips, and higher education news.
  2. Unlocking Higher Education: Kaplan’s higher education blog is “passionate about improving our educational system” and welcomes feedback from students, teachers, administrators and more.
  3. Reality Check: John V. Lombardi casts a critical eye on the business of higher education.
  4. Eduwonk: Eduwonk covers higher education news and adds its own analysis on the side.
  5. Open Education This blog promotes “free education for all” and includes insightful posts about lesson plans, student activism, drop out rates, the economy, and more.
  6. The Ticker: Learn about all the legal woes and politics affecting colleges, students and graduate schools from The Ticker.
  7. Minding the Campus: Bloggers at Minding the Campus want to bring back the best traditions of American liberal education.
  8. The Torch: The Torch is the blog from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
  9. Triumvirate Environmental Higher Education Blog: Read about sustainability efforts in the higher education community.
  10. Changing Higher Education: Learn how American universities are responding to the drastic economic, social and political changes around the world.
  11. The Higher Ed Watch Blog: The New America Foundation blog discusses college accessibility, affordability and more, with a special focus on legislation and more.
  12. How the University Works: Also a book by the same name, this blog takes on “the triumph of the corporate university…the tuition gold rush…[and] the collapsing tenure system.”
  13. Edu in Review: The Edu in Review blog tackles scholarships, college news, commencement addresses, life hacks for students, and plenty more.

Professor Blogs

Professors take to blogging to rant about students and their schools’ tenure systems as well as share their own goals and research.

  1. The College Puzzle: Dr. Michael W. Krist blogs at about how to achieve college success.
  2. University Diaries: An English professor blogs in order to improve university life.
  3. Rate Your Students: Rate Your Students is a hilarious, raucous blog for ragging on petty student behavior.
  4. Recession Realities in Higher Education: Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Springfield Ray Schroeder blogs about higher ed and the economy.
  5. Blogenspiel: Blogenspiel is written by a professor who likes sharing personal anecdotes and insights into typical university life.
  6. Burnt-out Adjunct: Learn about the bittersweet life of an adjunct professor from this blog.
  7. Disenchanted Youth: This 30-something liberal professor writes about tenure, research in a bad economy, and goal-setting.
  8. The Little Professor: Read about working in academia and all things Victorian on The Little Professor.
  9. Absurdist Paradise: This professor is a new mom and in her first year “on the tenure track.” Read her blog for stories about working in academia, academic publishing, and more.
  10. Reassigned Time: “Dr. Crazy” writes about designing curricula, being a popular professor and beyond.
  11. The Bitter and the Sweet: A feminist professor of literature writes this blog about life on campus and the “pitfalls of academia.”
  12. It’s Probably Me : This new academic at a public research university writes about nerves, stress, busy schedules and students.
  13. Acadamnit: If you want to know what really pisses professors off, read this blog.
  14. The Doctor Isn’t: This is the blog of a young academic who finds out what it’s really like to work in the American educational system.
  15. Tomorrow’s Professor Blog: Professors weigh in on the challenges and issues of higher education in this blog for the project between MIT and Stanford University.
  16. A Millennial Professor’s View of Higher Education: This professor’s research projects include academic advising, social online networking, student engagement and other current issues.

Academic Librarians

Learn how academic librarians are leading their colleges and universities into the future through innovative technology systems and more.

  1. Keywords from a Librarian: Mary W. George is a college librarian who blogs for Inside Higher Ed about teaching and information.
  2. Academic Librarian: This blog from Princeton celebrates library history and plenty more.
  3. The Kept-Up Academic Librarian: This blogger helps librarians, educators and administrators keep up with all the news about higher education.
  4. ACRLog: The Association of College and Research Libraries blogs here.
  5. Columbia University Libraries FYI: Learn all sorts of tech tips and tools to use in your library by following this blog.
  6. Collectanea: This University of Maryland University College blog covers copyright issues, fair use, academic library trends, and more.
  7. Information Wants to Be Free: This young librarian and tech geek at Norwich University shares valuable technology tips and more.
  8. WorldCat Blog: This invaluable library resource hosts a blog about technology, WorldCat tips, going mobile, and more.
  9. Librarians at the Gate: This blog is for anyone who’s interested in becoming a librarian, particularly an academic librarian.
  10. Finding Contexts: Eveline Houtman, a librarian at the University of Toronto, blogs about adult education and more.
  11. Library Cloud: Library Cloud is written by several academic librarians in Ohio.
  12. Talking in the Library: Kansas State librarians blog about technology, information, and the career culture of an academic librarian.
  13. The Medium is the Message Blog: This blog is maintained by Associate Professor Eric Schnell at the Ohio State University Libraries, Prior Health Sciences Library and features posts about technology and more.

Administrators and Departments

Deans and other administrators blog about campus life, college politics and beyond.

  1. Confessions of a Community College Dean: “Dean Dad” has found himself a new calling in academic administration and answers questions about college politics and more.
  2. Lesboprof: Lesboprof is written by “a lesbian, an academic, an administrator, and a longtime partner” and features posts about goal setting, research papers, working in academia, and more.
  3. Eric Stoller’s Blog: Eric Stoller does it all: he’s an academic affairs professional at Oregon State and also a freelance higher education technology consultant.
  4. Getting to Green: G. Rendell is a college administrator who is passionate about finding budget-friendly ways to make his college more green.
  5. BizDeansTalk: Business management deans discuss education technology, American business culture, the economy and more on this blog.

International and Study Abroad

These blogs cover higher education issues on a global scale and also address the ever growing study abroad movement.

  1. Academic Solutions Blog: This blog is full of information and resources for students interested in study abroad or joining the international education community.
  2. Study Abroad Blog and News: Keep up with all of the news and issues affecting study abroad from this blog.
  3. Hedda blog: The Hedda blog covers all the news and issues relating to international higher education from the perspective of students, faculty and alumni at the University of Oslo’s Higher Education Development Association.
  4. NAFSA Blog: Learn all about international education, study abroad and student exchange programs from the NAFSA Blog.
  5. Global Higher Ed: Get higher education news from around the world when you visit this blog.
  6. International Higher Education Consulting Blog: Discover how politics and diplomacy impact higher education.

Athletics and Campus Life

If you want to know how college students view the current state of things, check out these blogs that cover campus life, sports, online education, dorm hacks, stress, relationships and beyond.

  1. College Candy: College Candy is a hilarious, witty, and sometimes crude blog about student relationships, style, dorm life, study habits and more.
  2. Hack College: On this blog, students will find tips for packing, stocking a bar, and studying online.
  3. That College Kid: This college students blogs about technology, online education, saving money in school, and more.
  4. Tweed: Read about student life and college pop culture from The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Tweed.
  5. Grad Student Madness: This blog is all about the crazy, “stress-inducing lives of grad students.”
  6. The Collegiate Way: This organization blogs about its mission to improve campus life by creating faculty-led residential colleges.
  7. College Times: The College Times reports on everything relevant to campus life, including entertainment, news, art, subculture, advice, sports and more.
  8. The Paper Trail: U.S. News’ education staff keeps tabs on all the headlines coming from student newspapers and blogs about them here.
  9. Everything College Sports: This blog isn’t just about college stats — it’s also a great news source for learning about management trends, career information and more.
  10. Surviving College Life: Besides sharing college survival tips, readers will also find posts about finding your own identity, making friends and more.
  11. Zen College Life: This blog is great if you want to know what college kids are worried about these days in terms of technology, finances, relationships, health and more.
  12. The Quad: New York Times reporters cover the business and dynamics of college sports.
  13. College Football by the Numbers: This blog covers rankings, tournaments, college football culture, and more.

Continuing Education and Distance Learning

Learn more about continuing education options and distance learning initiatives from these blogs.

  1. Education Trends Blog by Gatlin Education Services: Learn about online education, going back to school, job training programs and more.
  2. Online University Lowdown: Get online college rankings and more from Online University Lowdown.
  3. Rick Osborn’s Continuing Education Blog: Head to this blog for an ongoing discussion of higher education, adult education and more. Rick Osborn is the president of the Association for Continuing Higher Education.
  4. Continuing Education!: Tom Kaun addresses educational technology, study tips and other hacks for adult learners.
  5. This blog is a great resource for learning about the types of online education programs and colleges that are available to nontraditional students.
  6. E-learning Queen: Susan Smith Nash explores the psychological, social and cultural factors of distance training and education.
  7. Edvisors Online Education Blog: Find out why traditional learning is outdated and how online courses and degree programs are taking over.
  8. Continuing Education: This blog from Suite 101 writers David R. Wetzel and Lucia Jenkins highlights different degree programs, online education culture, and more.
  9. Deb’s Continuing Education Guide: Deb covers non-traditional students, teaching culture, lifelong learning, going back to school and more.

Innovation and Technology

Technology is a huge part of the evolution of higher education, and these bloggers are experts on the how and why.

  1. Blackboard Blogs: The community blogs on are filled with news, opinions and tips for using Blackboard and other technology tools in higher education.
  2. The UK Higher Education Blog: Microsoft’s UK blog focuses on how students and teachers use computer software and applications in class and for cutting edge assignments.
  3. The Wired Campus: The Chronicle of Higher Education’s technology blog covers e-books, Twitter and more.
  4. eduStyle: This blog shares functional, stylish web design practices for colleges and universities.
  5. academHack: Here, academics will find tech tools and tips for staying current.
  6. eSchool News: K-20 teachers and beyond will appreciate this blog’s attention to tech news.
  7. Teaching College Math: This college math instructor loves playing with technology and blogging about it, too.
  8. Serendipity35: Learn all about education and technology from Serendipity35.
  9. Teachers and administrators learn about web design, marketing and public relations from this cutting edge blog.


From sexual politics at colleges to sustainability projects at universities, find even more top higher education blogs here.

  1. Buildings and Grounds: Lawrence Biemiller and Scott Carlson discuss trends and news in campus construction.
  2. Dankprofessor’s Weblog: Read all about sexual politics in higher education at Dankprofessor’s Weblog.
  3. The Periodic Table: Learn about new studies, gossip and politics from the academic scientific research world.
  4. Higher Education and Career Blog: This is a great resource for students wanting to research majors and careers, as well as faculty and administrators who want to keep up with higher ed economy and job news.
  5. Scholarly Communications @ Duke: Duke University’s blog covers copyright and publication news and information here.
  6. Alumni Futures: Find out how alumni are involved in admissions, athletics, research, social networking and more.

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