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Connectivism is a learning theory based on premise that knowledge exist in the world rather than head in the head of individual. Connectivism is the use of a network with nodes and connections as a central metaphor for learning.n this metaphor, a node is anything that can be connected to another node within a network such as an organization: information, data, feelings, images. Connectivism sees learning as the process of creating connections and developing a network.

Tutorial on Connectivism from University of Manitoba (click on following image)

Connectivism is a learning theory for 21st Century’ Learner. It emphasis on Networked Learning and Social Learning.

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge is an open online course that over 12 weeks explores the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and explore their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning. Participation is open to everyone and there are no fees or subscriptions required.

The course will outline a connectivist understanding of educational systems of the future. It will help participants make sense of the transformative impact of technology in teaching and learning over the last decade. The voices calling for reform do so from many perspectives, with some suggesting ‘new learners’ require different learning models, others suggesting reform is needed due to globalization and increased competition, and still others suggesting technology is the salvation for the shortfalls evident in the system today. While each of these views tell us about the need for change, they overlook the primary reasons why change is required.

For a quick introduction to connectivist courses and how they work, please view the videos below.

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