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Employability Skills For The 21st Century’s Student

To live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex, information-rich and knowledge-

based society, students and teachers must utilize technology effectively. Within a sound educational
setting, technology can enable students to become:
• Capable information technology users
• Information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators
• Problem solvers and decision makers
• Creative and effective users of productivity tools
• Communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers
• Informed, responsible, and contributing citizens

Employability skills are defined as ‘skills’ required  to gain employment as well as  
progress within a sector  so as to achieve one’s potential and contribute successfully to
enterprise strategic directions’.

‘Skills’ are commonly refereed to an ability to perform specific task.

Competency is refereed to an observable behavior performed to a specified level and therefore provides basis for the assessment of performance.

Skills needed for the workplace of 21st Century’s Student