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50 Higher Education Technology Infographics

A visual snapshot of education technology used by students, professors, universities and IT departments this year.

Infographics are often the best way to quickly digest a lot of information, especially in the technology world, where data abounds. In 2012, we collected 50 higher education technology infographics from around the web, all of which are displayed below. These infographics provide a snapshot of the advances in education technology we witnessed in 2012, which was definitely a blockbuster year.

As we prepare for the new year, we referenced the Washington Post’s article Eight thoughts on higher education in 2012, which was published just over a year ago:

The future holds unimagined opportunities. Innovation, especially in the form of new technology, tends to worry even the best-educated and most-skilled workers. In fact, innovation often creates short-term disruption, and that is likely to be true of the innovations coming to higher education. However, the long march of innovation has produced more knowledge workers, not fewer, and it has made their jobs intellectually richer and more financially productive. That will be true of tomorrow’s university professors. Clinging to tradition will worsen individual and institutional disruption, while embracing innovation will hasten a new era of higher education productivity—not only of well-educated degree holders, but of new knowledge.

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To learn more about the trends we witnessed this year, check out The Most Popular Higher Education Technology Posts of 2012.

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  1. Device ownership continues to grow, but how are college students using that technology?
  2. Technology creates the opportunity for a new learning environment.
  3. Successful research starts with smart searching.
  4. College students are among the leading adapters of technology.
  5. Social networking may not be the distraction parents think it is.
  6. Students can’t live without their devices, so schools should embrace the change.
  7. Statistics point to major changes for colleges.
  8. Technology is powering a better learning environment for college students.
  9. Social media proves to be a crucial asset during Hurricane Sandy.
  10. For better or for worse, technology is everywhere in higher education.
  11. Are points and badges a waste of time, or the key to unlocking hidden motivation in college students?
  12. Educators debate the effect of text messaging on the English language.
  13. When it comes to reaching audiences, colleges are turning away from traditional media and toward social media.
  14. Engineering and technology escape unemployment troubles.
  15. Affordable access to online learning creates new opportunities for cheating.
  16. How one startup is helping students connect with social media.
  17. Study indicates that students are showing the way.
  18. These colleges are using technology to solve problems on campus.
  19. Numerous challenges face IT departments trying to go mobile.
  20. Social media isn’t new anymore, but it’s as divisive as ever.
  21. “Out of the box” thinking isn’t limited to art classes.
  22. Study shows that few students use library books.
  23. Students are responding well to the influx of online courses.
  24. Despite privacy concerns, big schools are backing big data.
  25. Social media use is widespread, but success isn’t.
  26. Students are moving to the cloud whether the IT department likes it or not.
  27. Twitter rules on college campuses.
  28. Clean code, social media and YouTube views are increasingly important for colleges.
  29. Educational technology creates yet another controversy.
  30. For more than 30 years, Microsoft technology has changed the way we work, play and communicate.
  31. Why technology and accessibility will drive these careers into the future.
  32. By definition, big data is hard to handle, so should colleges bother?
  33. The benefits are obvious but the resources are scarce.
  34. College students aren’t getting a return on their very expensive investment.
  35. Which schools are running their business efficiently?
  36. Problems, not popularity, highlight of social media for college admissions offices.
  37. The rise of e-readers is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.
  38. E-books solve some problems but create others, leaving room for paper books to prosper.
  39. Demographic trends emerge as online education booms.
  40. For those who can afford college, the investment pays off.
  41. Satisfy your appetite for knowledge with these affordable online education options.
  42. The good, the bad and the future of college in America.
  43. Employment is harder than ever to come by, but there are still opportunities for students.
  44. For universities, the incentive to go green extends beyond sustainability.
  45. Until analytics tools catch up, big data benefits no one.
  46. 4 statistics to put the BYOD trend in perspective.