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How to DESIGN great POWERPOINT presentation:Tips,Tricks,Tutorials and Many more

There are more than 300 millions powerpoint user in the world. They do 30 million presentations with powerpoint each day. We are familiar with the SANDHAN(educational TV broadcast) lecture series where most of the faculties give presentation with powerpoint. In fact powerpoint is default presentation tool. There is no doubt about it that, powerpoint is actually a constructive tool to facilitate learning and teaching, if you know how to use it. I learn lot about how to design cool and effective presentation using powerpoint. Lets explore some of the most amazing recourses to design great powerpoint presentation. 

Top Ten Slide Tips (Garr Reynolds)

1) Keep it simple,

2) Limit bullet points & text,

3) Limit transitions & builds (animation),

4) Use high-quality graphics,

5) Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates,

6) Use appropriate charts, 7) Use color well,

8) Choose your fonts well, 9) Use video or audio,

10) Spend time in the slide sorter


Death by PowerPoint:

The Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs:

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How NOT to use PowerPoint! (Don McMillan):

According to Don McMillan, here is a humorous & yet insightful viewpoint on how people (teachers included) should not

be using PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Extreme Makeover:

Present Like Steve Jobs:

Essential PowerPoint Features

Below is a summary of your favorite features along with links to their screencasts. If you have additional features or know of screencasts that support this list, please add them to the comments and we’ll update the list.