This blog is for educators, academicians, students and those who are interasted to integrate technology in class room.

Free Online Courses

Here you will find links(on image) of sites offering free online course. Courses cover a wide variety of subjects and discipline with different teaching methodology.

  • Course on:How to find and use scientific information from Delft University of Technology

This course is useful for Independent Researcher

  • Course on:Applied Multimedia Technology by University of Notre Dame

This course explores the use of multimedia in communicating information and solving problems.  Using Adobe Flash and other tools, students create materials that incorporate text, animation, images, sound, and video. An overarching theme is appreciation of four dimensions of multimedia: content, aesthetics, functionality, and usability.

  • Course on:Physics for 21st Century

An on-line course that explores the frontiers of physics.Physics for the 21st Century was designed for adult learners, including high school teachers, undergraduates, and the interested public—college graduates who were non-science majors.

  • Course on: Genetics Science by University of Utah

  • Free-Ed.Net a free course portal which offers variety of courses 
    Courses and tutorials for today’s most important vocational and academic disciplines
  • Course on: Teaching Evolution

where you’ll examine major evolutionary concepts, explore teaching

methodologies, and address obstacles to teaching evolution


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