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Open Textbooks:Use-Reuse-Remix

Be part of a growing movement to change education!

Please consider assigning an Open Textbook for your fall semester classes. We’ll provide everything  you need with just one click.

An Open Textbook is licensed openly, so it’s free for you to use, re-use, modify, and adapt to fit your course requirements.

Open Textbooks are flexible for educators and free for students, offer interactive learning experiences, come with a community of your peers on the cutting edge of education innovation. They are an affordable, flexible alternative to traditionally-published textbooks.

The BCcampus Open Textbook Toolkit is your starting point on how to change education with just one textbook. It provides:

  • Links to all our high-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks ready to use right now,
  • Links to best practices in open learning and teaching, and how you can contribute,
  • Instructions and how-to videos,
  • Downloadable posters and brochures to help you spread the word about open educational resources,
  • A place for you to sign up to receive updates and tell us of your experiences using open textbooks,
  • A chance for you to receive a free gift when you assign your first open textbook.

When you assign an open textbook, you’re joining a world-wide movement to make education free, open and accessible to all. We’re looking forward to having you join us.


Open Textbooks Toolkit


The BCcampus Open Textbook Toolkit is your starting point on how to change education with just one textbook. It provides a list of our open textbooks, information and guidelines for adopting and assigning an open textbook.

About Open Textbooks in B.C.

In October 2012, the BC Ministry of Advanced Education announced its support for the creation of open textbooks for the 40 highest-enrolled first and second year subject areas in the province’s public post-secondary system. BCcampus is tasked with co-ordination of the project because of our 10-year experience funding open educational resources (OER) through the Online Program Development Fund.

The goal of the Open Textbook Project is to provide flexible and affordable access to higher education resources in B.C. by making open textbooks available for use by B.C. faculty, and digital versions of the texts are free of charge to faculty and students. Printed copies are also available on demand for a low cost.

High-quality, peer-reviewed textbooks ready to use now

The following textbooks have been rated 4 or higher (out of 5) by your peers in the British Columbia higher education system and are available for download now:


  1. Open Textbooks formats
  2. Guidelines on choosing and assigning an Open Textbook
  3. Adopting an Open Textbook video tutorial
  4. Why Open Textbooks? A video clip from BCcampus
  5. Print Support Materials (poster, brochure)
  6. Have you adopted an open textbook? Share your experience with us. We’ll send you a thank you gift.
  7. Open Textbook FAQ
  8. Sign up for updates if you have already adopted a textbook

1. Open textbook formats

The textbooks are available to read online, download epub and mobi formats or purchase a low cost print copy online.

2. Guidelines on choosing and assigning an open textbook

If you are an instructor looking for an open textbook to assign to your class here are some guidelines.

3. A short video tutorial on how to adopt an Open Textbook:

4. Why Open Textbooks? A video clip from BCcampus.

5. Print support materials. Help us spread the word!

Download and use now:

Download, use, re-use and remix:
The following are individual .zip files containing all files file necessary to edit and use, re-use or remix, with the exception of fonts. Requires Helvetica Neue font. Created in InDesign CS6 format.

6. Have you adopted an Open Textbook?

Recently adopt an Open Textbook from the BCcampus textbook colleciton? Tell us about it!

7. Open Textbook FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Open Textbooks.